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Best Games Similar to Pico Park

Best Games Similar to Pico Park

1. Animal Crossing

The game Animal Crossing is similar to Pico Park. Animal Crossing is set in a village that is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The game is open-ended and there are no time limits for the player. The game is driven by the player's actions, which typically involve building relationships with other villagers, catching fish and bugs, foraging for berries, planting flowers, and customizing their house.

2. Harvest Moon

The game Harvest Moon is similar to Pico Park. Harvest Moon is a simulation game in which the player assumes the role of a farmer in charge of managing her or his crops and livestock. The player is given a set amount of time each day in order to work in their farm, which produces food and other goods. The user must plant crops, raise livestock, catch fish or bugs, and forage for wild fruits or other items in order to maintain the farm.

3. Tiny Tower

The game Tiny Tower is similar to Pico Park. Tiny Tower is a social game in which the aim is to build a tower. The player starts with three floors, and additional floors are added at timed intervals. Each floor can be customized with floors, furniture, and decorations. Floor types cost money to build, but also generate money through the introduction of businesses. The player can also hire Bitizens to inhabit the tower, each with their own unique skills, interests, and aspirations.

4. Skylanders

The game Skylanders is similar to Pico Park. Skylanders is a video game series that revolves around a line of action figures and their ability to be physically placed on a "portal of power" to enter the game world and fight the villains of the Skylands. The Skylanders figures are each associated with a particular element of nature. Enemies can be defeated by attacking them with the figures' elemental powers.

26 Oct 2021